by Scott McLeod

"Built to be looked out from, they are the equivalent of luxury suites at ball games: a curious mix of privacy and ostentation..."
Together We Can Defeat Capitalism (TWCDC) and
artspace ran the Guerrilla Tea Room for
one month. Anyone who visited was served free tea & cake, subversive literature (and cucumber sandwiches).
 Ernesto Neto
 by Amy Berk
The Making of Stretcher 
compiled by Amy Berk 
  STRETCHER EDITORS' PROJECT  Every Live/Work space South of Market: "At the dawn of the new millennium, SF's identity is being reshaped by another type of building..."

Despachos at the Museum:
Who knows what may happen...

by Suely Rolnick

"…the work of art is revealed to be a despacho, carrying a magical power of energetic intervention onto the surroundings, where it will fight reactive forces and free creation."

  Jon Rubin / Market Street Art In Transit
  by Glen Helfand
Sophie Calle 
by Megan Wilson 
  Expense Accounts of
  the Apocalypse:

  Seven Hills Spends Until the Crowds Go Home

  by Ed Osborn
Displacement at 31 Minna by Donna Shumacher
 010101 at SFMOMA
 by Meridith Tromble
 Worlds in Collision at SFAI
 by Megan Wilson