Somewhat apropos of yesterday’s blog on the Turner Prize (the scent of controversy causes journalist to salivate), a Guardian review comments on the attempt to present painting as a cause celebre. “All this would be merely annoying were it not for the fact that what is being propagated here is the notion that painting is ignored by galleries and museums, that critics like me don’t write about it, that art students are encouraged by their tutors not to paint, that the public is not given an opportunity to see painting and that the international art world is a sort of repressive Smersh organisation, bent on the evil purpose of destroying a tradition. One of the artists in the show writes about “working in oil, a medium nominally regarded as near bankrupt”. This is melodramatic, as well as untrue. Studios are full of painters. There are painting shows everywhere, all the time,” writes Adrian Searle.

- Jeannine McDonald [Wednesday, May 19th, 2004]


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