Posts San Francisco so it’s nice to see it here,” said painter Roy Tomlinson, looking around the funky gallery 21 Grand in Oakland. A relaxed crowd turned out for the opening of “New Place-Oriented Work” tonight, featuring art by Sarah Cain, Michael Damm, Leonie Guyer, Kyle Knobel and Katherine Van Dyke. Nobody’s work was working too hard… Guyer’s wall paintings are about the size of a playing card; Van Dyke, who was also painting on the wall, covered more ground but kept it white on white. Cain’s intervention, a white mound with a corona of smoke marks climbing up the wall, was almost flamboyant in comparison. Damm’s video Elsewhere scrolled along urban storefronts, revealing patterns everywhere. Viewing Knobel’s video required climbing into a stuffy curtained black box, not the most appealing prospect on a warm summer night, but it was beautiful. 21 Grand is next to the Smythe Accordion Store at 449B 23rd Street. Hours are limited: Thursdays 4-8pm and Friday through Sunday 1-6pm.

- Meredith Tromble [Saturday, July 12th, 2003]


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