Her dulcet Muzak still resonates in the Whitney elevators from her 1984 Whitney Biennial piece and her posts vigorously delight her vast Facebook fan club. Ann Magnuson's Thursday performance at SFMOMA promises to be a charming spectacle wrestling with "dreams, Jung, human sacrifice, Aztec shamanism, and all things dark, bloody, and beautiful". But I predict she will focus heavily on her longtime fascination with Jobriath, the first openly gay rock star(even David Bowie had a beard in the 70's... poor Angie). Also, another chance to see Ann Friday Oct. 28 at 7:00PM at The Roxie where she will introduce The Hunger.


SFMOMA, Thurs, 10/27, In the Atrium, 9pm



- Dale Hoyt [Monday, October 24th, 2011]


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