Snoop Dogg and Hologram Tupac ain't got nothing on Anne McGuire's awesome performance with her video self this afternoon at SFMOMA. Anne + VideoAnne seamlessly bantered, harmonized and traded leads as they went though a selection of McGuire's greatest hits and classic covers.

Long-time collaborator Wobbly provided musical accompaniment, delighting the packed house with his sonic mutations. All part of the ongoing live performance series happening this summer and fall in conjunction with SFMOMA's Stage Presence exhibition. There's one more matinee show with Anne McGuire tomorrow afternoon, then next week Cliff Hengst takes the stage.

See the SFMOMA website for the full performance schedule. Tickets are free with museum admission, but space is limited so get your tickets early to make sure you get seats.

STAGE PRESENCE - Theatricality in Art and Media
Performance Series
SFMOMA, various dates and times, ongoing through Oct 4, 2012
Free with museum admission

- David Lawrence [Saturday, August 4th, 2012]


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