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“On the day U.S. occupation authorities restored formal sovereignty to Iraq in a secretive ceremony, the only sure thing in the future of Saad Sarraf and his family, it seemed, was that the electricity would go out again on schedule at 5 p.m.”

- Cheryl Meeker [Monday, June 28th, 2004]

The Critical Art Ensemble installation is missing from the exhibition at Mass MoCA. Agents from the Joint Terrorism Task Force seized the art intended for the show.

- Cheryl Meeker [Sunday, June 27th, 2004]

The continuing saga of the FBI’s blundering encounter with Creative Art Ensemble’s bioart. It would make a good Three Stooges episode if it weren’t so judicially hazardous.

- Meredith Tromble [Tuesday, June 22nd, 2004]

Only a wedding could make me miss the benefit at New Langton Arts this Saturday night:  The Langton Music Video Awards. Videos will be screened featuring Aero Mic’d, Apocalipstick, Beulah, Nao Bustamante, Dynasty, Handbag, Katastrophe, Le Tigre, Mads Lynnerup, Beth Lisick & Tara Jepsen, Alicia McCarthy with musicians from Out of Round records, Anne McGuire, neo eon one, Eamon Ore-Giron, Pushy, Sean Rooney, Smirk, Studio Apartment, and Troll. Saturday June 19, 7 pm - 12 am. Tickets $10-$5 sliding scale.

- Cheryl Meeker [Monday, June 14th, 2004]

In a show of emerging Bay Area photography, Angela Buenning’s new work at James Nicholson Gallery

A three foot high shot glass by Charles Linder at Brian Gross Gallery

For those among us who like minimal painting, some painterly abstraction from Kim Anno and Richard Lodwig at Patricia Sweetow Gallery.

- Cheryl Meeker [Thursday, June 3rd, 2004]

Will the city do anything to protect the freedom of expression of gallery owner Lori Haigh of Capobianco Gallery and artist Guy Colwell? See the background story in the Chronicle.

- Cheryl Meeker [Wednesday, June 2nd, 2004]

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