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The SOMArts Cultural Center sold over a thousand advance tickets for Saturday evening's Night Light event, a "multimedia garden party" curated by Justin Hoover (with support from Paul Baker and Ryan Wylie of the Free Form Film Festival and Dorothy Santos). That seems remarkable to a viewer who recalls when a South of Market show of new video and performance art might draw an audience of twelve. It seems even more remarkable considering the logistics of such a large and technologically demanding project. The museum-scale, tech-heavy exhibition was too expensive for the Center, whose budget barely rates as shoestring, to keep running for more than an evening. Highlights for those lucky enough to score tickets included the garden walk installation of inventive video feedback works, curated by Free Form; a live collage of film loops by Anna Geyer, and a video painting by Naomie Kremer. 

Image: still from Garden of Forking Paths, Pete Belkin and Philip Benn, 2012, video projection on bamboo 

- Meredith Tromble [Sunday, April 28th, 2013]

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