As usual, there was far too much to look at Art Cologne, and as usual, most of it didn’t rate a second glance. At Tuesday evening’s opening reception you could feel the money oozing through the aisles, but whose pockets it would land in is anyone’s guess, especially with the relatively lackluster goods on display.

A bit of digging found some interesting works, most of them in the special program booths for young artists. Of note here are Sven Kroner’s vertigo-inducing landscapes and rural scenes that seem perfect and perfectly wrong all at once. Stephan Hughes’s photographs of peripheral and edge spaces are beautiful and unsettling, especially one that depicts a family overlooking an English cliff into the sea. And James Sheehan scores points with his postage-size paintings of monumental scenes: aerial views of sports crowds and the Pentagon reduced to less than an inch square.

- Ed Osborn [Wednesday, October 29th, 2003]


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