Artforum’s current San Francisco Critic’s Picks hit the sweet spot with four strong entries. Glen Helfand’s writing on Libby Black at Marx and Zavaterro touches on the shift in Black’s work with her recent move to Berkeley that reflects the neighborhood, and further personal exploration in her work. His piece on the last show at Jack Hanley Gallery fittingly focuses on Hanley’s important contribution to the art world, both here and internationally, with a special focus on Bay Area artists. Helfand’s choice of Ewan Gibbs at SFMOMA is also well placed, as he deconstructs the mysterious drawings played out with our standard tourist locales. Finally, Franklin Melendez writes about Miriam Böhm’s photography at Ratio 3, a lovely show of works that he says "evoke the doldrums of office cubicles…" and are "like Dutch still lifes reimagined in a UPS store." Böhm’s show at Ratio 3 ends April 24.

- Cheryl Meeker [Saturday, April 17th, 2010]


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