I mean, four different spirit mediums bothering the spirit of Yves Klein from here in California, 2004?

This year’s lecture series at SFAI is proving to be intriguing. Chris Kubick and Anne Walsh conducted a leisurely paced slide show/sound presentation which proved to be an effective medium wink  for experiencing their new work, “Archive”, which documents seances co-produced by the artists. The pace of the presentation allowed each of my preconceived barriers to be addressed so that I could appreciate the communications from “Yves”, which were channeled through professional spirit mediums. The sessions were conducted within a variety of museum venues, often in the presence of works by Yves Klein. The communications themselves along with the responses of all of the living involved, including museum staff and the artists, created a sometimes hair raising experiential & experimental space in which it was possible to explore Klein’s work in a new way. Check the website for CDs, quotes from “Yves”, and for other opportunities in the future to experience the art piece that Kubick and Walsh have adroitly set up, sidestepping many minefields, among those, our incredulity.

- Cheryl Meeker [Saturday, March 20th, 2004]


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