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Could that English artist thought to be Jack the Ripper also answer to the name Charles Dodgson (aka Lewis Carroll)? This comes from a theory by Richard Wallace published in his book “Light-hearted Friend,” and excerpted in Harper’s, November, 1996. Wallace bases his assertion on a series of anagrams he’s pulled from Dodgson’s writings and letters received by Scotland Yard from Jack the Ripper. This one is for the annals of people with too much time on their hands.

- Megan Wilson [Saturday, December 8th, 2001]

Murder mystery millionairess Patricia Cornwell claims Jack the Ripper was an English artist and rips up a painting to prove it. And three USA Todaysports reporters are caught writing with their fingers in the “dust” on a Lita Albuquerque sculpture, a large blue sphere. They’re fired, their supportive colleagues don “blue ball” ribbons…

- Meredith Tromble [Saturday, December 8th, 2001]

LA Timescritic Nicholas Ourosoff approves.

- Meredith Tromble [Friday, December 7th, 2001]

predicts Reena Jana, in this preview of the exhibition.

- Meredith Tromble [Tuesday, December 4th, 2001]

While all us art folk feign indifference, we still gossip about who made it (or didn’t make it) into the Whitney Biennial especially this year when the curator has some serious connection to the Bay Area. The recently announced roster for the 2002 Whitney Biennial includes a hefty number of our own, including Jim Campbell, Vincent Fecteau, Lisa Jevbratt/C5, Chris Johanson, Margaret Kilgallen, Josh On & Futurefarmers, silt, Rosie Lee Tompkins, Lebbeus Woods, John Zurier, among others. Thanks, Larry!

- Glen Helfand [Sunday, November 18th, 2001]

Roll on down to the Texas arts site Glass Tire, it’s kind of like Stretcher’s cousin in Houston.

- Glen Helfand [Friday, November 16th, 2001]

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