The Yerba Buena Center began programming around “big ideas” two years ago, and for viewers who follow YBCA exhibitions closely enough to follow the curatorial train of thought, the approach is beginning to pay dividends. For example, Cosmic Wonder, which opened last night, debuts the 2006-07 season theme “Deeply Personal.” Highlighting personal work promises thought-provoking “compare and contrast” with the many artist collectives shown in 2005-06 as part of the “Future Shock” theme. The artists in Cosmic Wonder attempt to depict or induce altered states of mind — the homage to the psychedelic ‘60s is overt. My pick for best of show is Doug Aitken’s New Opposition II (2001), which cleaves the mind from normality most economically.

Image:  New Opposition II (2001), Doug Aitken

- Meredith Tromble [Saturday, July 15th, 2006]


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