“Biopunk” is in the spotlight this week as Salon examines the continuing tug-of-war between researchers unlocking the keys of life, companies trying to make big bucks and artists trying to make sense of it all. Meanwhile, over in Sausalito, Genetic Savings and Clone, the company that recently announced “Cc” (carbon copy) the cloned kitty, opens their new Bio Arts Gallery with “Improbable Loves”, new works by Adrian Van Allen. The opening reception is Saturday March 2nd, 6-8 pm at 80 LibertyShip Way, suite 22 in Sausalito. “Improbable Loves” runs March 4th thru May 3rd. Gallery hours are 10-5 weekdays by appointment only. (415)621-4527

- David Lawrence [Thursday, February 28th, 2002]


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