I love it when I read two wildly differing reviews of the same artist’s work, especially when I’ve seen it and have a little background on it: Check out reviews by Glen Helfand and ">Kenneth Baker of the work of Felipe Dulzaides, showing at New Langton Arts.

I was present the evening a couple weeks ago when Dulzaides and Rhode screened work from the past at the gallery, including a video from Dulzaides that I found to be poignant, poetic, political, and personal. The piece involved the video taping of a melting block of ice surrounded by a birthday party for Dulzaides at his family home in Cuba from which he had been absent for years. Part of what gives this tape resonance from a local point of view is it’s reference to a piece from the ‘70s involving melting ice, made by Dulzaide’s teacher, Paul Kos.

Decide for yourself about the current show. “Busted: New Works by Felipe Dulzaides and Robin Rhode” is at New Langton Arts through this Saturday, 7/24/04.

- Cheryl Meeker [Monday, July 19th, 2004]


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