This summer, Los Angeles was mostly seen in London, in what could be called a match between the stars of YBA (Young British Art) and YLA (Young Los Angeles). London played host to a number of Los Angeles artists with a common interest in “Do it yourself-ness” and hip-urban self-reflexivity. Sightings include Delia Brown, Jon Pylypchuck, Evan Holloway, Jason Meadows, and the grandfather of them all, Paul McCarthy. Addresses for your own surf trip to the London scene follow:

Gary Webb & Evan Holloway
The Approach Gallery
47 Approach Road, London
E2 9LY

“Some Things We Like….”
Asprey Jacques

Jason Meadows
22 Warren Street, London
W1T 5 LU

Paul Mc Carthy
Tate Modern
London SE1 9TG

—Carolyn Castano

- Jeannine McDonald [Wednesday, July 23rd, 2003]


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