In a top heavy conceptual SF, it’s startling to see something so retinal. But that’s what Charles Linder’s handsome show at Gallery 16 was. The centerpeice of the show is of course Gimp My Ride, the white-ified, bullet-ridden, car frame which, if it could talk, would say say “hey stop shooting me!” Unlike other car/boy art like the venerable works of Chip Lord and Lewis Desoto, Linder’s jalopy is genially visual, something we don’t automatically expect from SF fare. What the heck does green mean? What the heck does white mean?

The Car Wash painting’s most fascinating aspect is that the canvases/surfaces are substantial abstracts but because of their sheen also function as virtual mirrors. If you’ve ever woken up looking like a Jackson Pollock you’ll relate.

But what really confirmed to me that this show is an accomplishment was the press release - lucid, informative and (thank God!) funny. If you’ve ever read a decent or deplorable document like this then you know it’s an art form unto itself.

- Dale Hoyt [Friday, October 27th, 2006]


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