Aptly titled “Connections,” Dave Muller’s amazing survey at UCLA Hammer Museum made me remember what it is I love about art and, yes, even the art world. Muller’s field of vision is apparently limitless and this show has helped me remember that the trigger of inspiration can be found everywhere, in all things, in all occurrences in life. The happy feeling I left with must have something to do with being enlivened by the sense that all this interest I have in looking at art, working with artists, being involved, is maybe not so silly after all. It is not that Dave has legitimized my interest in art; it is more like his practice, his immersion and investment in what is going on around him, gets through to me. I know I am being a bit zealous but, really, do try to see this show.

- Julie Deamer [Friday, November 15th, 2002]


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