Only to go home to attempt to make art at night? Anyone who has known me for 5 minutes will know that I am constantly looking for (legal) ways around this problem. In the third week of their “Summer Line 2003 events” Sliv and Dulet at New Langton Arts showcase two artists who hit the sweet spot on this issue. Kenneth Hung is doing an IPO of a company that sells silkworm carcasses for sexual longevity (you can become a stockholder, and from their information it looks as though you can gain mightily on your investment). And perhaps more to the point, Joseph Reihsen’s infomercial sells a program that is exemplified by an artist interviewee who says that he made 5000 works of art in 2 months. Or was it 2 weeks? Whatever - I was impressed. As the sound gets more out of sync the videotape gets better and better.

- Cheryl Meeker [Thursday, July 10th, 2003]


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