The Bay Area was showing its stuff last week, with a two-person show of work by longtime San Francisco artists Doug Hall and Rebecca Bollinger at Feigin Contemporary in Chelsea. Hall showed what is now typical for him, large-scale color photographs of empty spaces. The subject matter this time was empty Italian and Italianate opera houses, but in the wake of Gursky, Hofer, Struth et al, these pictures don’t really have any impact. They may be jam-packed with critical theory, but they look dead on the wall. Bollinger’s work was a mixed bag. She was showing a large DVD projection that looked like somebody editing through their digital camera after a day on the town. On the other hand, her jewel-like drawings of found Internet imagery were beautiful. Along with her smaller video piece, Last Year by Color and Composition, they were the redemption of this show. The scariest part of the opening was seeing what appeared to be the gallery owner take a full cup of wine out of the trash, and pour it into another cup. Guess you have to make sure you see them pour it.

- Asha Schechter [Monday, January 6th, 2003]


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