Rewarding Lives, the trade show-like exhibition of Annie Leibovitz photos currently at Fort Mason, is a few steps over the commercial line. The photos are all fine but I could hardly focus on them with all the Amex content—every subject is not only a proud cardholder but they have donated their actual cards to be exhibited alongside their photos! Wanna be famous like Robin Williams? Dream of spending money like the Cohen brothers? Just apply online. It’s that easy!

Lest you get too cynical, don’t be fooled: the ivy on the giant cascading wall isn’t nearly as fake as it looks. The orb-like tents that house the photos are reusable. And they’ve replaced the regular handsoap in the bathrooms with an eco-friendly alternative. Sorry, but I’m just not buying the love.

- Tucker Nichols [Wednesday, October 15th, 2003]


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