“For Tomorrow” really does seem like it will be “The Very Very Last Lucky Tackle Show Ever, Honest,” so the one, only & last night exhibition and opening promises to be crowded, celebratory & bittersweet. Eric Bodine, Jason Jones, Michelle Lopez, Mads Lynnerup, Anna Maltz, Lisa Mraz, Joshua Pieper, Kiersten Puusemp, Mariah Robertson, Miljohn Ruperto, Amy Todd & Brian Wasson will exhibit & perform, and Keith Boadwee will DJ. It will be hard to top LT’s sublime previous show, “Tim Sullivan’s Amazing Luminous Fountains,” but I’m betting this will.

Since it was his space, let’s give Adam Rompel the last word: “Just over three years ago, I started a project that would offer post-school kids a professional space where they could show their work. The idea was to give these artists a leg up before they felt the need to make product in order to participate in the art world. It was to be a place where form would follow concept and work would be shown because it was good - not because it would sell.  Happily, Lucky Tackle has since built a solid reputation as a project space for showing super smart art. Having achieved more that I could have imagined for the gallery, I feel that it is a good time to end the project.” The good news is that Adam will focus attention on the website and develop its archival possibilities.

I can’t imagine being anywhere else between 6:30-10:00pm on Saturday,  August 20, 2005. Lucky Tackle is at 6608 San Pablo Avenue - take the 80/580’s Ashby exit, turn right at San Pablo.

- [Saturday, August 13th, 2005]


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