The west coast was transported to Brooklyn for the release party of “Frisco Styles,” a compilation of SF bands co-sponsored by Jeffery Deitch and Jack Hanley. The party was at Deitch’s Williamsburg warehouse and featured some of the bands from the CD and various works by related artists. Highlights included Tussle’s performance, and Will Rogan’s videos of magical everyday occurrences, which were projected largely on the wall. Rogan’s videos elicit pronounced reactions (some guy sauntered up to me and a friend as we watched, said “Great videos, huh?” and then stood there with an awkward grin.) The cops came and shut it down, so the party moved to a club called Luxx. Aislers Set played a short, but high-energy set to a lively crowd and during their set Chris Johanson wished Mr. Deitch a happy birthday. Afterwards Zeigenbok Kopf, a faux-gay duo came up dressed in underwear and leather and yelled a lot in fake German accents over keyboard beats. More then anything else, they were just kind of sad and embarrassing.

- Asha Schechter [Friday, July 11th, 2003]


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