Midway through the Swell Gallery opening of Gene Carnival last night, a guy in a lab coat attacked the art with a stick. Turned out the hanging sculpture of a lab mouse was a pinata bursting with candy made from GMO corn syrup. Each piece came wrapped with a “genetic fortune.” Fortune told in another highlight of the exhibition, Brian Wasson’s Luck,, a proposal for cloning four-leaf clover. Thirty artists, including Stretcher contributor Dale Hoyt, are represented in this jam-packed show. Don’t miss Two/Too and Other Experiments, a deadpan video by Alicia Cattaneo, tucked away in a side gallery, and the untitled Q-tip and Vaseline installation by Paul Zografakis. Go this week - Friday, December 12 is the last day.

- David Lawrence [Tuesday, December 9th, 2003]


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