at the Jewish Museum, NYC: In this well-focused, beautifully installed and lit exhibition of mostly late work, it becomes clear how influential the work of this major Post-Minimal artist continues to be. The work here brings to mind the work of Richard Tuttle and Matthew Barney. Working with fragile, luminous materials that evoke a sense of our body and its mortality, Hesse breathed the tragic absurd into Minimalism’s rational grid. Using innovative materials and processes: casting fiberglass, coating wire, string, or rope with fiberglass or latex, and painting with latex on cheesecloth, she made drawing and painting fully three dimensional. This may be the last chance to see the work of this Post-Minimal artist whose work speaks directly to our humanity through its trembling line and luminous fields. Curated by Fred Wasserman and Elisabeth Sussman and installed in the intimate space of the Jewish Museum’s first floor gallery, the exhibition includes the great Untitled drawing from l967, Accretion, Sans II, Aught (from Berkeley), a test piece for Contingent, Connection and her great last piece, Untitled (Rope Piece), l970. Check it out if you can…through September 17.

— Gloria Tanchelev

- Meredith Tromble [Tuesday, July 11th, 2006]


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