Anna Nichole Smith has died. She didn’t do any wrong except be pretty. We all remember where we were when Marilyn Monroe died. I was three years old.

She died less than a year after her unusually handsome son died. We don’t know whether she died of suicide or a drug overdose.

In 2000, the second most beautiful woman in the world committed suicide. Ann Carter said something very strange to me. She said, “You remind me of Marilyn Monroe”. I thought that was strange because I was 200 lbs. and a 37-year-old man. I asked her why and she said because I was a “beautiful child”. That’s what Truman Capote said about Marilyn Monroe before he died of AIDS.

John Lennon was killed. John F. Kennedy was killed. Neither meant anything to me. I remember, when JFK was killed, my mother was furious because “her stories” (soap operas) would be off for a week.

Anna Nicole didn’t make any great movies like Marilyn. She was the first Paris Hilton. Famous because she was famous, as Marshall McLuhan would say. But she had a heart and it’s not beating anymore and I feel less.

I’m writing this as Anna is having her autopsy.

Andy Warhol said that beauty was a form of intelligence. I guess that made Anna a very smart girl. So she’s in heaven now with Jimmy Hoffa, Jim Henson and Charlie Sheen.

There was something special about her other than the fact that she had the biggest breasts of any mammal since Bambi’s mother.

I hope she’s happy where ever she is. I’ve never been so unhappy in all my life.

- Dale Hoyt [Wednesday, February 14th, 2007]


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