A belated farewell to Kitty Carlisle Hart, the patron saint of the New York State Arts Council and an unflappable supporter of the arts and their funding, even during the culture wars of the late eighties. She ended up defending The Kitchen even when we were presenting the likes of of Annie Sprinkle and Karen Finley. She thought they were great. When I finally met her at SFAI when she was receiving an honorary doctorate, I couldn’t resist - I clapped my hand over my eyes and asked “Are you a singer?” (she was a panelist on What’s My Line? for 20 years). If you wish to pay respects you can rent Woody Allen’s Radio Days, where she belts out They’re Either Too Young or Too Old, a single girl’s lament of a man-less America during WWII.

- Dale Hoyt [Tuesday, April 24th, 2007]


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