Virginia Kleker, (1977-2008)

Yes Virginia, the art world is no better than the dumbest reality TV which you sought to conquer. You taught me that. A student like you is the only reason a teacher bothers to get out of bed in morning.

Yes Virginia, I’ve been cataloging/archiving every micro-second that I was honored to work with you and I ache that I hadn’t heard the extent of your misery.

Yes Virginia, your keen perception and examination of the vulgarities of pop life and the nonsense of the hopelessly inadequate alternatives still rings like a silver bell in our hearts. Your devilish, dark, mischievous sense of humor still hangs in the air like night blooming jasmine.

Could any of us saved you from your horrible intention?

Yes Virginia, I know you’re in a better world because nothing could be worse than a world without you.

Please come back.

- Dale Hoyt [Monday, October 13th, 2008]


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