As I left my apartment the other day, the smoke was so strong I thought the building was on fire. No, it was just the scent 1,000 wildfires burning.
The Bureau of Land Management called for a 2-year moratorium on solar installations on government land, after we have already countenaced a 600 year waiting list  on new wind power permits. In Marin County, the   driest spring since 1879 has caused an agricultural emergency. In fact, they’re just trying to save the hills right now (see the video on the last link.) And this is just the tip of the iceberg, a prescient phrase if I ever heard one.

In this context, Southern Exposure’s current exhibition Hopeless and Otherwise, curated by Valerie Imus, feels about right, and the free catalog is beautifully written. Featuring work by Siemon Allen, April Banks, Mary Walling Blackburn, BLW, Melissa Day, Michael Light, Nathan Lynch, Alison Pebworth, the Renaming Bush Street Project, Jonathan Santos, Mark Tribe, and Visible Collective/Mohaiemen. Open until July 3.

Also to be closed by Independence Day, is Alicia McCarthy’s show at Jack Hanley Gallery, which featured a sculpture finely attuned to the mood of our time: an empty, wired, slowly flapping penguin, made to fly overhead via suspension wires, and decorated with electric lights like a Christmas tree.

- Cheryl Meeker [Monday, June 30th, 2008]


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