Painter Amy Ellingson writes: “While in Chicago for the first time last May, I was generally impressed with the Museum of Contemporary Art. Running concurrently there: Donald Moffett’s “What Barbara Jordan Wore,” Mies in America, Gary Simmons, and Maurizio Cattelan’s giant cat skeleton, which was a particular delight in juxtaposition to “Sue,” the Field Museum’s T. Rex. Here in San Francisco, the long-awaited Gerhard Richter exhibition didn’t disappoint. But my favorite show of the year was Christian Marclay’s Video Quartet, hands down. The piece is musically and visually thrilling—full of assonance and dissonance and masterful repetition and variation. I’m impressed with Marclay’s ability to indulge in nostalgia and sentimentalism just enough to tantalize; each time I found myself mesmerized by a particular clip, the piece forged ahead. I felt like I was trying to stop and smell the roses while on a roller coaster—an unlikely (but surprisingly pleasant) sensory experience.”

- Meredith Tromble [Wednesday, January 1st, 2003]


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