Last weekend I participated in the fourth of a monthly series of events titled “go create resistance.” This month we resisted the constriction of our public space. Afternoon excursions through Hamburg addressed principles of inclusion and exclusion which define private and public space nowadays (to the tune of gentrification, racism, security concerns, commercialization, globalization). Performance-oriented evening acts included Urbane Panik, who choreographed ballet moves in its Lab for Public and Private Security, and danced afterwards with participants in Hamburg’s Central Station in protest of increasing surveillance and policing of public spaces. The Hamburg ShortFilm Agency presented the late show, A Wall is a Screen, a selection of short films projected on buildings in Hamburg’s downtown district. Radio Group Ligna, the Independent Media Center, and a handful of volunteer bike couriers were also on hand to help raise questions about and scavenge for public space in Hamburg.

—Jessica Goodson

- Jeannine McDonald [Thursday, May 29th, 2003]


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