Jon Mikel Euba’s solo exhibition, K.Y.D. KILL’EM ALL, at Fundació Antoni Tàpies features three screens of dead or paralyzed bodies in and around a car abandoned in the woods. Unidentified hands roll one body for cash, but other than that only sign of life visible in the shaky, handheld shots is a cat curled in the lap of one of the bodies. The narrative never opens or resolves, but the site of the scene in the hills surrounding Bilbao references the ongoing conflicts in the Basque Country and anchors the considerable tension in the piece to a living history that has produced numerous scenes such as this.

On a different note, an informal survey of local record stores shows that Barcelona appears to have the highest per-capita count of Leo Sayer and Night Ranger recordings anywhere on the planet. It probably has something to do with an alarming flyer I found there bearing announcements for upcoming concerts by Camel, Thin Lizzy, Dokken, and Faster Pussycat. There are certainly worse places for aging rock stars to wash up, but still the thought of Barcelona becoming the Marin County of Europe is a bit unsettling.

- Ed Osborn [Friday, May 16th, 2003]


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