From commercial gallery to back alley, from off-the-beaten-art-track alternative space to MOCA and the Getty, LA Freewaves’ “TV or Not TV” is everywhere. This 8th biennial month-long celebration of experimental media arts is taking place at over 60 venues throughout Los Angeles and includes the work of 350 international artists working with video, computer-generated, and according to the organization, under-represented and under-appreciated media in every imaginable combination. A battery of panel discussions (and even some karaoke sessions) led by both participating artists and curators play an equally important role in the month long program. The impressive scope of and ambition behind the event are dramatically revealed in the manifesto-like tone of the LA Freewaves Web site, whose programming also includes the new media art presence in television broadcasts and on billboards. LA Freewaves, the organization behind the festival, “is dedicated to the creative exhibition of the most innovative and culturally relevant independent new media from around the world” and “facilitates cross-cultural dialogues by inventing dynamic new media forms” Having just scratched the surface of the festival’s offerings myself, (as an Iturralde Gallery staffer I viewed a large portion of the extensive Latin American programming) I look forward to diving into the “TV or Not TV” smorgasbord. The festival, which began November 1st, runs through November 30th. For more information, visit

- Elise Barclay [Wednesday, November 20th, 2002]


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