gave me reason to cheer. The panel, co-organized by artist Ray Beldner and curator/writer Marcia Tanner, included some of the superstars in the war over the public domain. Among the eclectic grouping of artists and lawyers who spoke was Stanford law professor Lawrence Lessig who’s written a couple of books and argued before the Supreme court on the topic. And in the audience, Electronic Frontier Foundation director Fred Von Lohmann, whose organization consistently fights the good fight supported only by donations from members (have you donated lately?). It was truly inspiring to talk with and listen to corageous, dedicated, idealistic and impassioned attorneys like these. This panel was organized in conjunction with the Bay Area debut of Illegal Art currently on view at the San Francisco Museum’s Rental Gallery at Fort Mason.

- Ella Delaney [Friday, July 4th, 2003]


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