If you haven’t already seen it, better head on over to Manolo Garcia Gallery and check out Libby Black’s amazing Louis Vuitton store while you still can. Informed sources tell Stretcher that soon after the show’s spectacular opening, the Gallery and Black were paid a visit from representatives of Louis Vuitton— who had heard the buzz about the show and were not amused with Black’s handiwork. After threatening legal action to shut the show down immediately for copyright violation, a compromise was apparently struck whereby the show will be allowed its full run, but the work will never be allowed to be shown again. One wonders what the Vuitton brand police might think of this artist’s work?

Libby Black, Manolo Garcia Gallery, 136 Fillmore; 863-6380. Call for hours. Through June 15.

- David Lawrence [Wednesday, June 11th, 2003]


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