Stretcher wants to know: What’s the best show you’ve seen in 2002?

Erica Olsen, writer: The skull show at the California Academy of Sciences. There was an amazing wall of sea lion skulls, installed in a wave pattern. It reminded me of Aztec skull racks, except brightly lit and friendly.

Glenn Kurtz, writer: The coolest thing I saw was a show sponsored by Culture Lounge, a floating organization run by Barbara Schulte. My favorite work was by Bloum Cardenas, who makes layered compositions with plastic bags that her friends had given her—she only uses bags people have given her. They were somewhere between collage and abstract improvisations.

Althea, Illustration major at CCAC: I liked the Gerhard Richter show, because he goes from abstract to realistic works and has such a variety of techniques. It’s nice to see somebody play with more than one technique.

Cassandra, illustration major at CCAC: The Rex Ray show next door. I enjoyed the use of common magazine pages and his color choices. The mixed media use of faux finishes in the shellac pieces gives more dimensionality to the work. He gets down to the simple shapes.

Elaine Wander, artist: The Eva Hesse show was my favorite of the past year, because of the way she paints with materials. I just eat it up.

John Roloff, artist: Thomas Hirschhorn’s piece at Barbara Gladstone in New York—he turned the gallery on its ear, he made it into Lascaux.

- Meredith Tromble [Friday, November 15th, 2002]


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