Scene: bewildered, overwhelmed front desk workers, lobby crowded with irate, highly polished job seekers. Action: some “art” prankster, eager to gain bad-boy notoriety by appropriating (and humiliating) a blue-chip gallery, scams dozens of desparate job-seekers - how hilarious is that!? So-called “Jay Baggins”, perp in question, had posted a job listing on New York’s Craigslist for a Dealer’s Assistant position at said gallery and had all applicants converge at the same time - 2:30 pm. When I entered, the poor front desk worker was proclaiming that one “applicant” had traveled from Ohio for the interview.(!) Maybe they should start teaching ethics in art schools… This pathetic attempt at prankster “art” cost money, and caused disappointment and sorrow, so much so that I debated reporting this incident at all.

- Ella Delaney [Friday, March 12th, 2004]


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