has on view a “group video project for two channels.” Six artists, Fil Kuting, Terri Phillips, Jim Ovelmen, Alice Konitz, John Williams, and Sharon Ben-Joseph are presented. At the opening two screens were set up - one outside, the other inside - creating a split that would, I imagine, keep people moving back and forth in order to get the complete picture. I didn’t see it in this format. Instead, sitting comfortably (I can’t emphasize that enough) I watched a little monitor to my right and the big screen directly in front. It worked well. The program was enjoyable. Alice Konitz’s short video, Lifeguards at Rockaway Beach, features lifeguards and their stands - structures of curious design that look like source material for Konitz’s sculptural work. The two videos zero in on lifeguards getting ready for duty, basically preparing for a long day in the sun. In contrast to Konitz’s simple observance video, Jim Ovelmen’s Her Majestic Azimuth is highly structured and orchestrated with one video shot from a helicopter and the other from the ground. Three subjects - a helicopter, two sailors with a flag-like signal cloth, and the Queen Mary cruiser ship - form a contingency triangle that is grounded by the ship’s presence. Sitting on a comfortable easy chair watching one artist video after another is a great way to spend an hour or so on a hot afternoon.

—Julie Deamer

- Meredith Tromble [Friday, August 2nd, 2002]


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