“WHO IS THE CRIMINAL?”-” GEORGE BUSH”- “WHO IS THE TERRORIST?” - “GEORGE BUSH” - “WHO IS THE KILLERMAN?” - “GEORGE BUSH.” Youth Speaks. Chanted call-and-response by thousands marching in the rain up Market Street, San Francisco, Thursday, Oct. 5, 1:30 p.m. Young and old, but mostly young and very diverse, they marched Market Street under the banners of The World Can’t Wait after hearing from Daniel Ellsberg and on their way to hearing from Medea Benjamin. Different than the 1960’s, not white college students, these were largely public high school students, whose friends, neighbors and family are fighting the American War in Iraq.  Many in the mostly young march were from Oakland public high schools who walked out to rally in San Francisco under the banners of The World Can’t Is their dissent and their activism the reason for State Education Superintendent Jack O’Connell’s and the San Francisco Chronicle’s constant critique of the Oakland public schools?

- Gloria Tanchelev [Thursday, October 5th, 2006]


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