On October 15, two Margaret Kilgallen pieces were stolen from Gallery 16. These paintings were included in the current Fifteenth Anniversary exhibition. The works were not for sale, but belonged to Griff Williams, owner and director of Gallery 16, and were given to him by Margaret back in the mid 90’s. Needless to say they are of deep personal significance to him.

“Easy” was approximately 7” x 12”, and the Untitled (profile) was approximately 17” x 12”, both enamel on wood panel. There is very little of Margaret’s original work out there for sale, if any, and so the gallery is asking that everyone please keep their eyes and ears open with respect to these two works. Should they resurface for sale, or should you see them in a private residence, they ask that you please contact them immediately 415.626.7495 or Any information would be much appreciated.

- Cheryl Meeker [Thursday, October 23rd, 2008]


From the editors