In a group show at the smaller Deitch space, Misaki Kawai shows an inventive new installation. She built a cutaway mountain where there is a group of alien/human/animal creatures searching for the reclusive Yeti. There are five of the creatures flying away from the mountain on hoverbikes leaving trails of smoke curving through the gallery. This is all rendered in a variety of materials, in a minature fashion. The little documents in their lab that say things like “Wanted, Yeti” are the size of a postage stamp. The work has a kind of Disney/science museum feel, but this first response is undercut, the situation made more complicated, by the ramshackle construction and underlying narrative. There has been a lot of talk of escapism in the post-election world, and this is the kind of work that for better or worse provides it.

- Asha Schechter [Wednesday, November 24th, 2004]


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