A couple weeks ago Acting Interim Director Alex Burke resigned without telling anyone why. Now Board President Alan Millar, initiator of the recent controversial management reorganization, has resigned. Reportedly Allegra Fortunati is the new President of the now much-diminished Board.

To recap: originally jolted by the unexpected and sudden termination of Executive Director Elisabeth Beaird, The Lab has subsequently been rocked by the (in most cases equally unexpected & sudden) resignations of Burke and nearly half its Board, the inability to settle terms of compensation with Beaird, unsettled relationships with funders and continuing protests by long-term supporting members & artists.

Will Fortunati be able to quickly & professionally resolve outstanding issues? Will she be able to win back the trust of funders, supporters & artists? Will she be able to attract new board members? Will she be able to keep The Lab afloat?

- [Tuesday, August 16th, 2005]


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