Aussie Gary Sangster is the new director of the Headlands Center for the Arts, replacing Kathryn Reasoner, who is now heading the DiRosa Preserve. Sangster came to the USA in 1990 to take up an appointment as a Curator for The New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York. After stints as the Executive Director of the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore and the Center for Contemporary Art in Cleveland he joined Boston’s Lesley University as Dean/Director of the Art Institute of Boston.

Among the highlights of his curatorial work are collaborative projects with community representatives to organize aboriginal art projects; co-organizing the first U.S.biennale-scale museum exhibition to explore multicultural issues in contemporary art; and in Cleveland he co-organized a joint project with the Cleveland Museum of Art that successfully linked regionally based artists with internationally renowned artists.

- Meredith Tromble [Friday, November 11th, 2005]


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