At last week’s New Langton Arts holiday auction, I missed what I went there to see: what from all reports was a very sexy fashion show produced by Mr. Jonathan of San Francisco.

I was totally absorbed in a therapy session performed on my unruly set of keys by Ken Goldberg who had a little work station set up for the purpose upstairs. Even Ken was surprised when he saw my keys: a very hard case. (Two sets of keys for two different offices where I work, an elaborate set of studio keys, including the girl’s bathroom and freight elevator, and apartment and car keys…) As my keys took Ken a while to whip into shape, I got to witness other people having their keys checked, overhauled, or tuned up as Ken took a break from mine. He took before and after shots, added color coding and moved keys around on rings to make them more ergonomic. A woman with a Tiffany key chain was given a matching mauve coder for her door key.

Ken gently helped me determine that I didn’t need an Oregon State Police key medallion that I had picked up along the way on my ring. A fellow Oregonian found the medallion in Ken’s work box and wanted it on his chain. Now we’re both ready for the New Year.

- Cheryl Meeker [Friday, December 26th, 2003]


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