Layover in Baltimore. Listen for John Watersesque accents-nothing. Got to get out more.

Gagosian Gallery Serra’s Wake Blindspot Catwalk Vice-Versa. Masterpieces when I saw the original version of his Torqued Spirals at the Dia eight years ago are now ready for the Exploratorium. There were at least 9 tots running back and forth through the 18 foot tall rusty iron mazes including two (2!) strollers with mothers attached. What ever happened to watching Barney?

Richard Prince has fun at">Barbara Gladstone with his Nurse Paintings honoring “Surfing Nurse”, “Nighttime Nurse”, “Naughty Nurse” etc. all harvested from pulp fiction book covers in ten foot tall canvases. Wholesale misogyny but cheeky nonetheless, completely forgivable. BUT… what is this? The canvases are actually digital prints with painterly paint brushstrokes applied in painterly ways with paint to emphasis that they have paint on them. Much the same way as we see with the works with our local">Thomas Kinkade. Hey if it works for the K man, why not?

Jim Shaw at Metro Pictures was a celebration of his drawings most of which we’ve seen before. Always fun. But it was all overshadowed by his exquisite, obsessive spiragraph ink works, which emerge from their pitch black centers in a centrifugal whirl that stays with you for days. I’m still in rapture.

Layover in Nashville. AGAIN no accents. Talked to everyone but no accents. Doesn’t anyone in America have an accent anymore, except for our Governor?

- Dale Hoyt [Monday, October 13th, 2003]


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