For the first time Yale’s MFA photography program had their thesis exhibit in New York. The show, which was about half of what was shown in New Haven, felt flat and predictable. Most of the work fit into the so-called “Yale style” of rigorously composed color pictures. There were some strong images, and the lack of Gregory Crewdson-esque theatrics was a nice surprise. However, for what is supposed to be the best photo program in the country the show was surprisingly dull.

Up in Chelsea, the stylish haircut crowd swarmed to Mer Danluck’s solo show at Andrew Kreps Gallery. The work is a group of paintings, sculpture, video and a sort of geodesic structure. It’s very of-the-moment in that adolescent/rock style that is so popular these days. Like much of this work though, it’s pretty forgettable.

- Asha Schechter [Friday, May 30th, 2003]


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