brainchild of hot French artists Pierre Huyghe and Philippe Parreno, opens on Saturday, December 14 at SFMOMA. Collaborative, conceptual, and cold (the galleries are purposefully kept cool), digitally animated films by Huyghe, Parreno, and others starring the Manga character Annlee, anchor the exhibition. In 1999 the artists purchased the copyright for Annlee, freeing her from her ‘empty’ existence in order to raise questions about fiction, illusion and disconnections.

A panel discussion on Saturday from 2-4 moderated by Benjamin Weil, curator of the exhibition, features science fiction writer and media critic Bruce Sterling in dialogue with the artists. An 8 hour film by Rirkrit Tiravanija featuring Annlee reading the text of Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep will be shown on Fridays and Sundays. This thought provoking exhibition concludes in March with a burial for Annlee in the SFMOMA galleries.

- amy berk [Thursday, December 12th, 2002]


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