Swarm Gallery, Oakland:  Mayumi Hamanaka is showing wall reliefs of layered paper and pins at Swarm Gallery, Oakland through July 23. The pins trace the outlines of dead bodies and topography in aerial military photographs. The extreme tipping of the ground plane/picture plane makes it appear that one is looking down at something from a huge distance, at the same time that they come floating out. Given the subject, the effect is of the spirit.

Boontling Gallery, Oakland: At Boontling Gallery in Oakland, Josh Keyes is showing small surrealist, constructivist paintings and drawings, cubed imaginings of a suburban/wilderness transit village. The vision is elaborated, sustained, ironic and mournful at once. Through July 30.

Bloom Screen Printing, Oakland: Christopher Loomis is in the windows here. In the spring, he had a show at Ego Park around the corner. Balsawood surrealist constructions that could be tools, buildings, furniture, furnishings. Coming out of Martin Puryear, these might be models for larger work.

8th Street Performance Space: Emily Hay flew in from Los Angeles to play at 8th Street Performance Space, Oakland with local cellist Bob Marsh and on electronics, Marcos Fernandes. Hay brought her flutes and experimental vocalizing to make sounds referring to nature and the unnatural. Blowing in from Philadelphia, same place, same night, Elliot Levin, tenor sax, teamed with Weasel Walter, Damon Smith and Scott Looney to scream out into a dark, improvisatory night.

- Gloria Tanchelev [Tuesday, July 18th, 2006]


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