The growing Williamsburg, Brooklyn, gallery community was well represented at the two NY art fairs this past weekend, the Armory Show and the Scope Fair. The Armory Show featured Pierogi, Roebling Hall and Bellwether, all early Williamsburg pioneers, with Pierogi presenting one of the best booths at the fair. Giving a good approximation of the atmosphere of the gallery itself, work was shown salon-style, drawings and paintings with densely worked surfaces densely hung in an ever changing yet somehow still coherent installation. One part of the gallery’s space was made over into a public schoolroom from decades past, complete with school desks, pull-down screen, and maps and other institutional accoutrements on the walls. Screening was a video/film-strip installation by Brian Dewan juxtaposing the artist’s drawings with bits of narration from those “educational” films we were subjected to in early grades, to nostalgic and sometimes hilarious effect. Presided over by Joe Amrhein and Susan Swenson, the vibe was simultaneously more relaxed, more exciting, less pretentious and more fun than practically anything else at the fair.

—Oriane Stender, Brooklyn

- Cheryl Meeker [Wednesday, March 17th, 2004]


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