Ramette gives Photoshop a bad name: he does his photographic manipulation the old fashioned way, long before the click of the shutter, with out of sight engineering and photo styling that DW Griffiths would be in awe over. Here he presents 12 gorgeous, saturated color prints as well as the hidden sculptures that have allowed him to pose himself in defiance of gravity. By presenting a few of these elaborately constructed metal prostheses in tandem with the finished photographs, we are made privy to his apparent ability to levitate for the camera. Kind of like Magritte meets Klein and Wurm while walking on water. The last image of the show - next to a video showing us how this was all achieved is hung upside down and depicts the artist in his usual black suit, bolted down to a lawn with his tie pointing to the heavens - an earth-bound Icarus who must think his way back into the sky to free himself from earth’s constraints.

through March 6

- Charles Linder [Monday, February 16th, 2004]


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