Once in awhile an art piece is made which seems to promise to capture the anxieties of our time. “Repetition” (2005) , now showing at CCA’s gallery engendered a circuitous discussion Thursday night in the lecture hall featuring the famous Stanford prison experiment psychologist Philip Zimbardo and the artist Artur Z’ mijewski, who has reproduced the Stanford experiment using Polish workers. With Zimbardo being eloquent, down to earth, and engaging, and Z’ mijewski navigating the complexities of the piece and trying to summarize the outcomes, curator and CCA Director Ralph Rugoff moderated the inevitable misunderstandings and challenges arising between artist, scientist, and audience, opening up the dialog to more than simple dualities. Rugoff has just been short listed for the Ordway Prize, adding more weight to his achievements at CCA. His choice to show this artist at this time is an invitation to all of us to raise the bar in the art world.

- Cheryl Meeker [Friday, December 2nd, 2005]


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